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House Signs - Choosing a sign for your home.

House SignsA well designed house sign will enhance your property, and clearly identify your location. 

The sign outside your house is probably the first thing a visitor to your home will see. Have a good look around your neighbourhood, the difference in style, design and condition is vast, everything from over-sized engraved monumental marble to the home-made job created from an old bread board, resplendent with stick on numerals! How often have you seen the impressive detached residence with immaculate garden, and gravelled driveway, with a sad old bit of slate or wood, painted in an amateur hand, adorning the entrance. All the time, effort and expense spent on maintaining the property, spoiled for the sake of a decent nameplate. The old adage 'spoiling the ship for a haporth of tar' springs to mind!

House Sign Video

Heres a short video which should give you a snapshot of our range.


A house sign isn't just an ornament to adorn your property, there are practical reasons why home owners should display a well designed, clearly legible sign, to identify their residence. First and perhaps most importantly, is that in an emergency, the relevant services should be able to locate your property easily. Also, you may well think, the postman knows where your bungalow is, he's been delivering in this road for years, but commercial carriers, are often unfamiliar with addresses without house numbers, so a house sign is essential for this type of delivery. Ironically, delivery drivers have spent hours trying to deliver a parcel containing a new house sign to an address with no identification at all. In this situation, even the dreaded bit of cardboard and felt tip pen would be better than nothing! Your choice should suit the style, age and size of your property, it is also a reflection of your personality, and an indication of the care and hard work you have put into making your home a pleasant place to live.

House SignsSo which to choose, with such a vast array on offer, at prices from perhaps £20 or so to possibly hundreds, where to start? Assuming that few of us have unlimited money to spend, it makes sense to consider how much you would like to spend on your sign, and research what is available within your budget.... considering suitable designs, material, size etc. Look at the style of your home, is it a country cottage or a smart town house, olde worlde or slick and modern?

A name plate to suit your home

A nameplate should reflect the style and era of your home. An imposing Victorian built terraced house, demands a house sign which emphasizes the characteristics of the property, something solid and durable, perhaps slate with its enduring qualities, engraved in a clear consise style of lettering, like Times Roman, straightforward and to the point. In sharp contrast a casual style of sign could adorn a tiny cottage in a village setting, a rustic timber slice, or an irregular shaped piece of slate, a pretty ceramic plaque, perhaps with a motif and fancy font would all compliment this type of home, but imagine them on the Victorian town house...not the same effect at all. Its a good idea to consider the distance from the road to the position of your house sign. If there's a long driveway, and you want to put your sign beside the front door, check that the lettering will be readable from a distance.... a paper template can help you decide if the letter size will be big enough to read from the road. Also a fancy font may look good on a webpage or brochure, but not always so easy to read from 20 metres or so. A name or number in white on a darkish background (such as slate, or ceramic) is easier to read than gold, especially at a distance and in poor light. Worth bearing in mind for all those dark winter days. A white plaque, with the house name or number in black, can also be clearly read. If there are pillars at the entrance to the drive way, slate signs set into the brick work look impressive, and clearly identify your property.

Whether you live in a city, town, village or hamlet, the house sign adorning the entrance to your residence is a reflection of the care and hard work put in to making your house a home.


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