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House Sign Questions and Answers

Customers wanting to order a new house sign or number have so many questions. Hopefully here I can answer some of the most common questions customers have when choosing a house sign for their home. If you have a question not shown here please email us.

Q How long after ordering will I receive my house sign?


A Not an easy one to answer as delivery time really depends on the type of sign. Despatch times vary from 1-2 days, to up to 3 weeks for some items.

Expected Delivery times are shown on every page of the website on the left hand menu.


Q Can I see what my sign will look like before I order?


A Most of the signs on our website, are individually made/painted/engraved or cast by hand, using traditional methods (not by computer), so an image of the finished product cannot be available until the sign is made!

The exception to this is the dark grey slate signs (engraved by sandblasting) and the Rustic wooden signs, for which we can supply a mock up preview if requested.


Q Will I be able to check my order and make any changes before it is made?


 A All orders are confirmed by auto email to enable you to check that everything is correct.

If your order is not clear we will email you for clarification. (This is in addition to the auto email)

If we dont hear from you regarding alterations within 24hrs, we will proceed with manufacture.


Q What happens if I order online and make an error on my order. 


A If the error is obvious for example, black letters on a black sign (yes we've had those!) or may be too many letters to fit a particular size, we will contact you by email or phone. 

Please check your order details carefully. All details are shown on your email confirmation.

If you dont receive the confirmation (immediately after order is placed) please let us know.


Q If I order online and ask for something that's really not going to look right, will you just carry on regardless?


A No. We want you to be pleased with your order and will take every care to ensure that the layout or design you request is going to look good and that your new house sign lives up to your expectations. If in doubt, we will contact you with any concerns.


Q If I need to contact you regarding my order, will I have to speak to a different person every time?

A Your order will be dealt with throughout by one person only, from your email or telephone enquiry to completion and delivery of your order.  

FAQ's about House sign designs, layouts and sizes

Q I've a question about the design, layout and size of my house sign.

There are so many types of house signs available in such a variety of materials, so choosing the correct design, size and layout for your house sign or number can be a bit bewildering. Hopefully I can answer some of the questions you may have regarding house sign designs, layout, lettering styles and other features.  

Q I've got an idea of the size of the house sign I want, but how big will the letters be?

A.  The letter height depends largely on the font style, and also the method of manufacture. Lettering set by computer or painted by hand can be condensed or expanded giving more flexibility in the amount of letters which will fit on to a sign

To estimate the letter height in relation to the sign sign size please see this link.....   House sign sizes and letter height

Q Can I have any design at all on my sign?

A There's no single answer to this one...mainly it depends on how the sign is made, whether the sign is set up on a computer, or painted by hand, or maybe the sign is manufactured from moulds. See more details about  custom designs on house signs at this link.....   House signs with designs

Q Can I have any font for my house sign?

A The letter style available for the house sign you choose depends on how the sign is made, such as if the plaque is painted by hand, or on a computer, or if the sign is engraved using traditional engraving or hand casting methods. See more details about house sign fonts here....

Cast metal house signs, lettering styles

Ceramic signs, lettering styles

Slate signs- font styles