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This page shows images of an assortment of house signs, arranged in no particular order, to show the various materials, shapes and font styles. At the back of this mixed group is a white ceramic plaque, in a popular arch shape, ideal for street addresses, as the number or a design can go in the arch.House Signs and Numbers for the Home In front of that is a rustic wood sign, again ideal for name/number combinations, ideal for gates, sheds, stables or homes.  The number 57 is in dark grey slate, (almost black) it has the number and border engraved into the surface. The Rose Garden sign is cast in brass, the back is painted and the rims motifs and letters are raised and polished. The green oval sign is cast in aluminium, the raised house name is chrome/ silver colour, which is a result of the metal being skimmed. The large dark grey nameplate is slate again, this is one of the most popular sign materials, being virtually maintenance free, and naturally weatherproof, the natural beauty of the slate will endure for years.  The blue round number plaque at the front is cast brass. These look stunning on a door or wall as a perfect complement to brass door fittings.

This is a group of slate signs, this versatile material will suit most properties...... cottages and converted barns to town house mews and mansions. Slate House Signs and Numbers The very large one at the back is in dark grey slate, engraved a Celtic style font. There are many colour variations in colour, as you can see from the group.  The Belfry and Black Rock are the green slate, this is a greenish grey colour, similar to Lakeland slate. The large nameplate in the front is in black slate, which despite it's name is very dark grey. Being a natural material, there are colour variations and natural markings, and it is a durable sign material, suitable for traditional or contemporary settings. The font styles shown from top to bottom are Celtic, Chancellor, Arial, Bookman and Times Roman.

House Numbers

This image shows some of the house number signs available. The square plaque at the top left is has the number engraved into the dark grey slate, this one has an optional border. House Number Plaques and SignsThe square just behind the green oval plaque is a black granite square number plaque, this has chrome finish numerals, about 4" high, which make a striking contrast to the black shiny granite surface. The white oval plaque is made from ceramic and has the house number engraved by sandblasting into the ceramic surface and is finished by hand. The black oval sign is cast from aluminium, the numbers, rim and motifs are hand painted and raised from the background. The green oval is cast brass, the rims and numbers are raised and polished. The greenish grey oblong is slate, with V cut numbers hand engraved into the sign surface. The plaque in the front has cast brass numerals and rim, the backing is black acrylic which is both durable and economical. 

Brass House Signs and Numbers

This image shows a group of traditional cast brass signs. The black sign at the back of the group is in an arch shape, sometimes called a bridge sign.

Brass Signs and House Numbers The arched part can be used for a house number, or a motif if not left blank. There are screw holes for attaching the sign to a wall at each end. The larger oval is big enough to accommodate a house name and a number (this was made for one of our Spanish customers' home) the maroon background is enhanced by the brass rim and letters. The smaller green oval number plaque has a rope edge, which is also in the polished brass. These signs really dont photograph well, because of the shiny surface and the polished brass numbers, hence the reflections in the images.

Metal House Signs

This group shows metal signs, which have been cast in aluminium. The large Metal House Signs Oval Round Plaquesblack sign at the top of the group is a bridge sign or sometimes known as an arch. It's not apparent in this picture, but the letters, outer rim and motif are raised from the background of the sign. In this example the letters have been painted white, and the coloured motif is raised and hand painted. The blue arch plaque has the number name and rim left unpainted and skimmed and polished to reveal the silver coloured aluminium. The large oval sign has a central house number, but can be substituted with a moulded, cast motif either painted in colour or polished to silver/chrome finish. 

This is a slate sign custom made for a customer, the name is engraved in and infilled in white.Engraved Slate Sign Engraved Name and Design The rose motif is also engraved and painted in colour by hand. Adding a logo or motif to your sign will make it a unique, decorative but useful addition to your home.

The font style is Chancellor, an attractive   casual, laid back style but is also easy to read, but this sign would have a different feel if the font style was replaced with a more straight-forward style, such as Times Roman. As this sign is quite large there are 4 screw holes .....for secure fixing to a wall or pillar etc,

Chrome and Granite Sign

This photo shows a granite and chrome sign.  The backplate is a 12mm thick Chrome House Sign Black Granite Plaqueslab of black granite.
As you can see from the image, the granite is highly polished resulting in a mirror like finish.
The letters are approx 38mm high, hand cast brass which is chrome plated, perfectly complementing the granite.
This example is suitable for one line house names, the plaque size is approx 16 x 4 inches (400 x 100mm), longer
and shorter lengths are available, depending on the amount of letters required on the sign.
These aren't available to order online at the moment, but can be ordered by phone or email (please request a secure payment link).
Prices start at £44.95 for the single line sizes. Larger size address plaques up to 24 x 10 ins (600 x 250mm) are also available for 2 or
3 line house names and/or numbers.

Black and White Cast Metal Sign

House Sign Metal OvalThis photo shows an oval shaped sign, which has been cast in aluminium, it has a raised rim.

The letters and motif are also raised and hand painted in white. 

The wild rose motif is also raised so stands in relief to the black background. These signs are also available with the letters, rims and motifs being unpainted, then skimmed and polished, resulting in a chrome/silver colour, as shown in the image below.

Polished Aluminium Sign

This image shows a cast metal (aluminium) address sign where the house name and number have been Chrome Silver and Black Signleft unpainted, then polished and skimmed to give an attractive silver colour chrome effect, which contrasts well with the black background, although would look equally effective on blue, red or green coloured backgrounds.

This example shows a house number in the centre, which could be replaced with a silver or painted motif. 

These signs are a modern take on the traditional cast metal signs, neatly co-ordinating with chrome effect door furniture which has become trendy.

Wooden Signs

House SignsThese are wooden house signs, the top image is made from Iroko wood, the example here is a lovely golden honey colour, although the shade of Iroko can vary a great deal, ranging from golden to dark chocolate. The lettering is engraved into the surface and when infilled with white paint makes a striking contrast to the wood colour. The bottom image is a sign made in Oak, which is much lighter than the Iroko. The top edge is left in it's natural state, but without the bark, hence the rustic appearance. The letters are lazered onto the wood surface, giving a 'burnt' effect.

Wood House Signs - Rustic Signs

Wooden House Signs Rustic Wood PlaqueThese wood signs are made from timber slices, which have been cut from Sycamore. The colour of the wood is light, so it contrasts well with the black lettering.

The top one is quite regular in shape an elongated oval, the other plaque has a slightly irregular outline. The top image is in Lucida font, which is popular as it's casual style is well suited for this informal type of plaque. The bottom image shows a house name and number combination, in upper and lower case Times New Roman style lettering.